The Hubris of Creation. Humanity had advanced technologically to the point where corporations were creating competing products of mechanically or genetically designed workers that could complete the menial tasks of the corporations. With these labor enhancements and scientific breakthroughs, interstellar flight was just breaching the horizon. The rich no longer needed the poor and began seeking ways to improve upon their progeny. The inner four planets, excluding Earth of course, were colonized and terraformed enough to stem the Malthusian pressure of population felt on earth, and the larger, outer four were outposts and sources of energies just waiting for us to unlock and use to reach out beyond our own solar system. The deeper secrets of time, gravity, space, matter, and energy were beginning to whisper in humanity’s ears.

Perhaps that is why the Saurids declared war. Maybe they had been watching humanity longer than we had imagined and realized our nationalistic colonial past would manifest itself in our eagerness to branch out from our solar system into the galaxy. Or maybe they were just like us and had merely attained the technology ahead of us. History may never know as not a single word was shared between our two civilizations.